It was Bingo night on Ocracoke Island.


The weekly game is sponsored by the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department to help them raise funds for their new Fire Station.


Bingo works

$12 gets you a pad of Bingo cards. Each Card has six “blocks” of Bingo pads. For each of the 12 games you play all six blocks simultaneously.


When you pay for your cards you can pick up pencils and crayons to mark your blocks. But the real hard core Bingo players use special bottles of ink called “dabbers.” To mark their blocks. Being a sucker for technology, I had to have one. They are the perfect size to fill a square without blocking out the number.


They run through a fixed set of different games the require filling out different patterns on your card, plus a few special high pot games that cost extra.



For people who like to review what’s been called, there’s a huge scoreboard like thing that shows what numbers have been called.



Like airplane flights they are very strict about phones being off during play, presumably in order to not break the concentration of the little old ladies that were playing three or four cards simultaneously.
Sadly this is the closest I came to winning:

You also get tickets for door prizes. There is popcorn. Everyone is friendly. Not a bad way to spend an evening at the beach!

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